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Why We Created Osena

We love feeling good. It felt amazing to wake up at 6am and hit our favorite HIIT class. Well...unless our friend invited us out the night before to celebrate their big work promotion. Suddenly it seemed as though burpees were created by an extraordinarily evil mastermind. The only salvation was after the workout, when we sipped on (or chugged) our favorite coconut water. If coconut water made us feel good the next day, why not try it the night before? That's how we invented Osena Spiked Coconut Water. We wanted to have it all an amazing night out, followed by an incredibly productive day after.

Osena is made with real coconut water, naturally occurring electrolytes, 100 calories, and zero sugar. We use all-natural ingredients and source fair trade, sustainably produced coconut water, so that we take care of the environment and always feel good about tomorrow.

Join us in the pursuit of a limitless life.

Chris and Vicente, Osena co-founders


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Signature Stone Mug
Signature Stone Mug

Signature Stone Mug

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Let's be honest - coconut water is best consumed out of a coconut. But reality made us put Osena in a can. This beautiful stone mug from Match Stoneware in Culver City, CA is our attempt to put Osena back in its natural habitat. This isn't just a mug, it's art. And it's unquestionably the best way to drink Osena.

Each piece is hand-made, so slight variations are expected. Hand washing is recommended.